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World Accreditation Day 2019

The World Accreditation Day is back this year to spread the knowledge of certification, inspection, testing and calibration activities carried out under accreditation.

The initiative established and promoted by IAF – International Accreditation Forum – and ILAC – International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation – this year adopts the hashtag #WAD2019 (from World Accreditation Day) and focuses on the enhancement of accreditation as a tool for a high-quality Supply Chain.
The joint declaration issued by the promoters states “the World Accreditation Day 2019  aims to highlight and celebrate how the accreditation adds value to the supply chain, so that a large audience of businesses, government agencies, regulators and consumers understand better the role of accreditation in adding value to supply chains”.

And again “the accreditation and with it standards, metrology and conformity assessment provide tools that contribute to increasing safety and confidence in finished goods, services and the way they are placed on the market and used.”

As for the past editions, the day was celebrated all over the world on June 9th with meetings, workshops and events on the subject, this year for the first time promoted through two new platforms, www.business-benefits.org and www. publicsectorassurance.org created specifically to inform and share experiences, both of the private sector and public administrations, on the use of conformity assessments and on the role played by the accreditation in these sectors.

Watch the video promoted by EIAC which this year also celebrates its first decade with the ILAC-IAF international recognitions!