Technical Due Diligence

This service aims at verifying the state of the projects and programmes through a documented and physical analysis in order to evaluate the overall current conformity status.

ASACERT provides customers with documents describing the project’s conformity with applicable and laws, based on the documental, technical and functional evidence of compliance compared to the actual status of the project or programme. Such service may be useful for property transactions.

Technical due diligence includes:

• Document Inspection: verification of all documents provided by the client to verify compliance with current legislation and identify eventual documental gaps such as lack of construction permits, of cadastral practices and other technical documents required by law;

• On-site Inspection: verification of the building status, of maintenance level and compliance. The aim is to identify possible criticalities and non- conformities based upon:

Technical documents;

Building types and structural conditions;

Mechanical, electrical and special systems;

Fire and safety prevention systems;

Environmental conditions.