Energy Audit

ASACERT provides customers with specific inspections aiming at verifying the energy efficiency of a building, calculating the Energy Performance Index (EPI) and identifying possible improvement area for energy efficiency in buildings like hotels, hospitals, shopping malls and offices.

The Energy Audit is carried out, in accordance with the “Energy Conservation Building Code”, to assure minimum requirements of a building for an energy efficient design and construction. This service can be provided in various buildings (new and existing) and it consists in verifying the following features:

climatic zone;
position and orientation of a building;
building external surface and fenestration;
HVAC systems;
hot water and pumping;

ASACERT may also provide:

a water consumption audit;
comfort audits;
fire resistance.

ASACERT delivers to its customers:

Energy Performance Index;
Technical Report specifying possible areas of improvement where energy efficiency can be increased.


ASACERT energy audits allow customers to:

to attract more customers to the building;
identify areas of construction improvement already in the design phase;
identify non-conformities in the construction phase.