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Coronavirus emergency: count on ASACERT, also remotely

In this period of undeniable difficulty, we are all invited to scrupulously comply with the directives of the government, to protect individual and collective health.
By adopting the precautionary containment measures, in order to fight the COVID-19 epidemic, ASACERT promptly adopted effective support practices in favor of its workers and companies impacted directly or indirectly by the measures indicated by the competent authorities.
It is a primary objective to combine the continuation of production activities with the guarantee of health and safety conditions in the workplaces and working methods.
We are aware that being by your side represents an element of business continuity and that being there has never been more important than in recent weeks. Ensuring our activities is our contribution to the minimization of the impact that biological containment measures have on our customers’ business and which remain fundamental for the protection of global health.
At this difficult time for the worlwide business system, we continue our work, with all the determination possible, looking back on this phase as an opportunity for growth and innovation.
It is necessary to face and overcome, with the resilience distinguishing our Country, this new difficult test.

Storms make trees take deeper roots.

Together we will do it!

Fabrizio Capaccioli
Managing Director ASACERT


To ensure the continuity and the usual reliability of our services, ensuring that it is delivered with unchanged timing and quality, taking care to protect the health of colleagues and customers, we wish to communicate that we have actively promoted a series of measures aimed at containing the virus in the ways and in the forms ordered by the Ministry of Health.


As proof of the attention and care that has always distinguished us, ASACERT has decided to take a series of actions in favor of customers, to guarantee operational and contractual deadlines and ensure the continuation of activities and the productivity of all time.

  • All our activities are guaranteed, constantly and daily
  • It is possible to agree specific audits/inspections, for unavoidable technical needs, but observing the directives on health matters provided by the Government
  • The inspectors are equipped with all the protective devices (gloves, mask, devices useful for disinfection in the absence of water and soap), designed to guarantee the containment of the spread of the virus and safeguard the health and safety of the customers and staff involved
  • The certification, inspection, evaluation and training activities are largely carried out in “remote working” mode, making use of the main and most reliable online meeting platforms
  • The original final reports are sent in pdf and digitally signed



To protect the well-being and health of all resources, ASACERT has activated a special emergency plan for its staff.

  • Identification of a company figure responsible for emergency management, all updates on the evolution of the health situation and containment measures, as well as any communications to customers, suppliers and colleagues, who are monitored daily in their health
  • Distribution and disclosure of the indications given by the Government
  • Daily deep cleaning of offices and surfaces
  • Remote working in all cases where it is possible
  • Limitation of meetings with people outside the company, promoting the usage of online meeting and conference platforms